FuJian TAIFAN INDUSTRIAL GROUP co., LTD is located in No.88,Baqi st.Shishi City center,FuJian,P.R.China.Place more than 10000 square meters.
Since its inception in 1989, with a global view and professional management mechanism, China's high technology and new technology enterprise of the column.
Currently employs more than 300 people, in the spirit of "focus, determination, confidence" choose to ideas, respect talents character display, pay attention to talents potential play and the spirit of team construction, mainly to build harmonious interpersonal atmosphere.
Blank stock value as high as more than 5000 Million RMB , and to ensure the production with adequate supplies of raw materials. Each a piece of blank are wind and rain after a year of natural aging, ensure the quality of life and iron.
High precision reference requirements and new creative design, developed a more stable and reliable and efficient and durable circular knitting machine. Every knitting machine after the cloth inspection,To ensure the qualified rate of each machine.
All machines through the precision complete testing system, carefully wipe clean, equipped with you need all the parts, packaging factory.
With the European Union CE safety design, circuit line clear security, at the same time has to be automatic shutdown protection function in the process of production, to ensure that will not cause electric shock, broken yarn and accident. This reflected not only sets sail to the customer care, including table sail using high-tech professional sense.
All mechanical components desWign process by the German company offers, completely through advanced CAXA software design and CNC processing, the leading trade design environment and level, emphasis on the overall structure strength and different speed of the smooth degree.
Our various textile mechanical energy effective control of the yarn tension, tension keeps consistent, and solved many kinds of yarn delivery problem, whether it is cotton, polyester yarns, or now popular soybean fiber, silk, etc., can effective weave flat clearer the cloth cover.

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