EG sail core technology platform designed to easy operation and stable production, effectively reduce the operating personnel and investment costs to achieve a certain effect. Simple design is easy to Taiwan under the sail cloth in the market proven features, superb tone pilots without pay, the normal technical staff under the cloth can be easily adjusted to facilitate the use of regional technical staff, the same can also be beneficial to the machine into downtime, it can be dealt with promptly.
Sets sail round-destructive testing machine by using the forklift to raise the machine to land a hundred times, and then call the table test, heart roundness unchanged, reflecting the core technology designed to reduce EG machine precision of the removal take place when the probability and the strength of the overall structure of the machine with the industry leader in the design standards.
EG core technology design while controlling yarn tension, the tension to reach the same operation the same yarn, fabric no matter how long working hours are consistent. Stable production, on the one hand make it easier to control the quality of cloth. On the other hand, people who look after the machine is a two, and Taiwan can be a fan of the machine is left unattended and four, greatly reducing the operator.
EG stable core of the design on the top creel, the testing is scheduled to ring in the weaving process spandex no shaking, 600 g in the use of specific spandex can smooth production (the market standard of 450 grams of a spandex).
EG lost the stability of the core yarn designed to address the ever-changing yarn use, the weaving of repeated authentication, whether it is cotton, polyester yarn, nylon yarn, or the now popular soybean fiber, silk, etc., are effective to weave flat clear mission fabric. Sets sail for customers to achieve first conceived the idea.

Sets sail full range of EU CE machine safety design, circuit lines clear security, resulting in the production of which will not cause electric shock or drop the event, retaining net open, break yarn, and other incidents, machine also automatically shutdown protection. Protect customers and the safety of the operator, reflecting the care of the customer sets sail, but also shape the use of high-tech sets sail professionalism.
Sets sail design process all the components provided by the British company, entirely by advanced CNC CAXA software testing and processing. No matter the skill level technical personnel, all operating at the standard per capita production, in seeking harmonization of all products. In addition to highlighting the stability of the product itself, sets sail in the production management is also a full course of training by the British company, the world's leading products, production processes and standards, reflecting sail into the Taiwan market and build brand in the world of international ambition.

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